I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for a while about a trip we did last summer to Rome because it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. It’s taken me a while to get around to it mostly because I thought “Who the hell wants to read about your holiday?” and “You’ve already subjected most people to the 2 hour Instagram story about it anyway”  but, then I thought… screw it. I’m gonna write about it anyway with a recommendation of something I really think you should ‘When in Rome’ …so here we are!

My lovely (now fiancé – more on that in the next post!) surprised me with this trip last August as a combination of a birthday trip for my 25th and also to celebrate our two year anniversary! Hugeeee brownie points were earned and so I wanted to plan a little surprise of my own for our first night in the city…

To me a trip away isn’t a trip away without indulging in food and so most of this post is going to focus on just that – so… if you hate pasta, first of all, are you okay? But, secondly you should probs look away now. Danny is just as much of a foodie as me so when I started looking for a fun surprise excursion it made sense to ‘Google’ cooking classes. There were so many choices from very expensive full on days where you go to the market and source all your own produce to 1 hour cheap and cheerful pizza making classes so I settled somewhere in-between. I opted for a 3 hour evening class that involved making the pasta from fresh ingredients (and of course eating your spoils) along with a cold glass of fizzy prosseco (or more like the whole bottle as we found out on arrival!). The company I chose are called ‘Walks of Italy’  and the experience was nothing less than 5*. It kicked our trip off to the most warm and welcoming start and we were able to ask the local chef so many questions about Rome that then helped us plan the rest of our trip. We also met some great people that we kept in touch with during our stay in the city (and on Facey B afterwards!)

The evening…

We were met by our hosts (the location is emailed to you a few days before your class – they prefer to only allow guests in on the meeting points so this information isn’t readily available on their website but is always somewhere in the heart of the city) and given our little stickers to show we were part of the group and off we went to find the apartment where the cooking class was to take place.  


Up a very windy staircase we arrived at the roof top apartment. We were in a gorgeous, Italian apartment with a lovely roof garden terrace already laid out & ready for dinner. The hosts were amazing and gave me and Danny our first glass of fizz along with our aprons within literally seconds of our arrival. After already warming up with a few Aperol spritz in some bars on our walk to the meeting point we were well and truly ready to get stuck in to some cooking (and we were definitely a little tipsy 🤣).The atmosphere was really something special – after introducing ourselves to the others around the table (about 12 of us in total) we were then told all about the history of the dishes we were about to create. Our host was so genuine and helpful and had so much knowledge about the food we were making but also the city of Rome itself to impart. Over the course of around an hour and a bit we learned how to make two different types of pasta: tagliatelle and ravioli. It was very hands on and everyone had their own individual cooking station. The whole way through your glass was never left empty and the two chefs were always coming by checking you were getting it right.


After an hour or 2 the cooking class was finished and our pasta was ready to go. The chefs served us the pasta we had made with some Italian wine and we got to sit outside to dine as the sun set behind us. It honestly was just a fantastic evening and I would 100% recommend anyone visiting the city to check this out if you are a lover of pasta and interested in learning a new skill!


At the end we were given a recipe book to re-create the dishes… if anyone reading fancies having a go (but isn’t hopping on a plane anytime soon) then I’ve put the recipe and method below! Enjoy!



Happy pasta making and eating!!