The Engagement

Stood by the Danube River where Danny had proposed a few days before…

💒  💍  So, in June this year (2018) my best friend in the world asked me to marry him!!!! 💍  💒

The whole feeling of the week leading up to him popping the question is something that is actually so difficult to put in to words and do any justice to how overwhelming and lovely it really was – which is probably why I haven’t yet! It’s now five months on though and our wedding plans are well underway eeeek (we tie the knot June 2019!) Whilst I was picking out some bits and bobs for our table decorations the other day and thinking about writing a few posts about ways to save some money whilst wedding planning, I couldn’t help but re-watch (for the millionth time) the video of Danny proposing (that he sneakily took) and it brought all the lovely memories of that week flooding back. So, I just felt like re-living a little of it through this blog post.  💥 WARNING 💥 this post has PDA literally written all over it  😂 look away now if you’re a soppy-phobe!

So, the week started on a normal Monday – it was exactly a year since we’d moved into our first house – and Danny handed me a hand-written card detailing that I was entering ‘treat week’ to celebrate living in our little home for a full year … no cooking, no cleaning and lots of nice surprises to come! I mean, I think I speak for all girls when I say this was very welcome news (and part of me was wondering what he wanted/ what he’d done wrong!!!) 😂😂. So, the format was that each day in the morning I’d get another little black card hinting at what the surprise would be and then another when we were at the place or activity that Dan had planned (major cute points!!)
The first treat started off with us visiting the very first walk Danny and I went on together and over the rest of the week we re-visited all our first date venues (including the very romantic cock-a-doodle-moo Danny took me to for our first date 😂) … safe to say there was a lot of me blubbering at how thoughtful he had been to put the whole thing together…
But… the real surprise came on the Thursday when at 3am I was woken up by a Danny waaaay too excited to sleep. I genuinely had no idea what was going on.. but was told to open the curtains to reveal the latest of the cards which said that I wasn’t actually heading off to work in the morning… but instead would be boarding a mystery flight so I needed to get packing!

Excuse the look… ‘I woke up like dis… at 3am’


And we’re off!

So, we were on our way to Budapest! From the second we landed Danny had thought of everything… flowers and chocolates in our amazing Air BnB… little surprises each day and we just had the most incredible few days!! Danny popped the question on the first night on a wine-tasting river cruise (my dream) of the Danube river with a random American filming it/ pretending to take a picture of us! I was literally clueless telling Danny to face the camera properly cos the guy was going to think we were total freaks for asking for a picture then having a chat… only for him to get down on one knee … 💕
I won’t bore you all to death with all the soppy details of everything and the cute words on the cards (mostly because Danny would kill me) so, here’s just a few of the lovely things I’d definitely recommend you try if you’re on a city break in Budapest!
As you know, most things I love involve food so here’s 2 places I would 100% recommend to eat at if you are visiting Budapest in the near future!
  1. Buddies burgers! (We stumbled on this down a side street near our AirBnB on the night of the engagement – little did I know in a few hours Danny would be popping the question as I was scoffing down chips and garlic mayo (fml) – But it was an absolute gem of a find and needless to say we went back 2x more during our time there! Team fat!!


  1. Dionysos Taverna – to pay homage to my Greek side we decided to try this place out. We tried our luck on the night and actually got a table inside (which was incredible) but to secure a spot on the coveted terrace outside booking in advance is a must! The food and service was unreal and I will definitely be back one day!

Things not to miss!!
Szechenyi Baths and Pool – this was such a highlight of the trip for me… The day after the engagement we arrived (me still puffy eyed from crying) and it was gorgeous sunny weather. You really can spend a whole day here in all the different pools and just sunbathing, drinking and unwinding- if you’re a beer lover I’d recommend hiring out one of the thermal beer tap baths too! I defo would not recommend a massage though 😂 I’ll have to tell you that story over a glass of wine sometime! haha!
At some point in your trip try and squeeze a walk up to the top of Gellért Hill for a nice cold cider at the top and some beautiful views… and now I’ll just go back to staring at my ring some more!