I’m not going to lie, fitness for me is generally in line with the picture of the dog above. Although I am quite active, I am a queen when it comes to junk food, carbs are literally one of my best pals 🍕  🧀 and I’m partial to a glass (or 4) of wine probably one too many nights of the week 🍷😳  However, along with my “new job, new me” attitude I’ve decided that it’s a good time to make some positive changes to my diet.

You’ll find me by the buffet…

I feel like a bit of a fraud writing this as I’m very early in my healthy eating programme, but I can honestly say I’m already feeling better in myself. I feel more energetic and my skin looks clearer.

I usually make big Sunday statements like “That is my last takeaway. This week I’m actually going to be good” which affords me an eye roll from my boyfriend and “Yeah, okay hun” replies from my friends and then by lunch time I’m eating a chocolate bar and saying “Oh, well – I’m never gonna be a Victoria’s secret model anyway”, but this time I’ve got my mind in the right zone and I’m putting it down to downloading “MyFitnessPal” from the app store.

For someone like me, this app is a god send. I really struggle to stay motivated when it comes to healthy eating and until I started logging my food diary on the app I had NO IDEA how many extra calories I was eating on the reg without even realising it. For someone who regularly gets asked in restaurants “Do you want some pasta with that parmesan” it was a bit of an eye-opener.

It basically tells you how many calories you should be aiming to eat and then helps you work out how many you have actually eaten against what you have burned during the day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I already know there is no way in hell I’ll have enough time to log everything I eat, every single day BUT the plan is to keep it up for 3 weeks so I have a feel for what I should be eating each day. The best bit about the app is the nutrients section – we all know it isn’t just about calories but the types of healthy foods you’re eating – so it’s really good for showing you how much of your diet is made up by healthy fats vs carbs etc. I’ve set my goal to loose a couple of pounds a week over the next few weeks and so far I’ve not felt hungry and I’m feeling ON IT!💪

A snippet of my week so far looks like this:



1 poached egg on a slice of brown toast with green tea


Tuna mayo, boiled egg, cherry tomato and feta cheese salad with balsamic dressing


Homemade slow cooker chicken stew with a gravy base, potatoes and broccoli.


An apple and a Peanut choc chip Cacao Brownie bar (aldi and tastiest thing ever!).

Tuna, feta and egg salad…



2 x scrambled eggs on brown toast with a peppermint tea


Humous and mediteranian falafel brown wrap with salad and some blueberries afterwards.


Home-made chicken and Halloumi stir-fry with noodles


Another of those BEAUT Aldi Cacao bars and an apple.


So, the plan is to keep it up and post some progress pics in 3 weeks!