I saw this image during one of my favourite pass-times of scrolling aimlessly up and down instagram 🤣and it honestly couldn’t be a more accurate description of how I can instantly feel better whenever I am feeling stressed out or anxious about something.

I get such bad cabin fever when I am trapped inside for too long and find myself getting either irritable and grumpy or having ‘snaccidents’ all day and eating approx 5000 chocolate bars then moaning to Danny that I’m fat and lazy. But, as anyone who also lives in Buxton (a.k.a Narnia❄) will know… the weather isn’t always the most appealing for a long stroll outside even when you have the best intentions.

However, since we brought little Toblerone (our cocker spaniel) apart from being the best decision we’ve made generally as he’s just the best ever puppy… I can honestly say it’s done my health so much good – physically and mentally. After spending so much of the past few years feeling stressed out with my workload it’s been incredible to feel so relaxed and happy over the last few weeks and long walks and spending time in the fresh air has been a big factor! There isn’t a day that goes by now that I’m not outside for at least an hour of walking and it’s been an amazing change to my lifestyle. I’ve never really been a couch potato and would always get out on the weekend anyway, but generally Monday – Friday I didn’t do a whole lot of outside exploring, if at all. When I left my school one of my leaving gifts was a book called ‘Countryside Dog walks in the Dark Peak’ and I am totally obsessed with it. There are 20 graded walks inside from ‘easy’ -> ‘challenging’ and for a geographically challenged person like myself… there are no confusing maps to follow🤣 ! We decided to set ourselves the task of doing all 20 of the walks before the end of the year and it’s been so nice to see more of the countryside and visit places we live so close to but hardly ever visit. It really helps me to feel calm and happy and as soon as I close the front door behind me to set out on a walk I can literally feel any feelings of stress melting away – even when it’s pissing it down outside!! I’m an absolute terror for taking millions of pictures (of the same things) as anyone who follows me on Insta will know… (soz hehe) but aside from a couple of pictures on a walk I really try to put my phone away or leave it at home whilst I’m out and about with Toby. That break from technology for an hour or two does wonders for your mindset! Me and Danny have actual conversations🤣 I’m not gonna’ lie… if we are sat on the sofa at night it is way too easy to scroll and just ignore each other for an hour!

So, I thought I’d share one of my favourite walks from the last few weeks on here in case you fancy trying it yourself (as well as spam you with cute pictures of the puppy)! It was 4 and a half miles and had a ‘challenging’ rating. I would say it was definitely do-able though – just a few uphill stretches to earn your ice cream! It also ends in Castleton (a really cute little village/ town) that has many opportunities to indulge in cake/ ice-cream / a glass of vino if you fancy it at the end so that of course is a huge bonus! I’d highly recommend ‘The three roofs’ cafe if you do decide to try it. If you live no where near it… just try and get outside for a long walk this week and see how good you feel afterwards!


The Walk



Pictures from our lovely day out!




Amazing views on the way back into the village…

Pls… not another picture

Tactfully stopping for a photo op but really just dying half way up the hill…

If there’s a dirty puddle… this guy is gonna find it.

Is there a better ice cream than Bradwell’s Raspberry Ripple though?


Danny and Tobe

Snuggles on a log (full disclosure: I am totally only getting him to stay by feeding him treats every 2 seconds)

The best boy